Where Have I Been

Life is about family, adventure and seeing the beauty that God has created...
Everything else is of no importance...


My Travels...

I have created this page, to make a listing of all the U.S. cities I have driven through or visited... In time, I hope to share my overseas travels...

Places I've Been:

Los Angeles, CA.
Malibu, CA.
Hollywood, CA.
Beverly Hills, CA.

Crescent City, CA.
San Francisco, CA.
Santa Barbara, CA.
Burbank, CA.
Blythe, CA.

Seattle, WA.
Tacoma, WA.
Olympia, WA.

Dallas, TX.
El Paso, TX.
Austin, TX.

Butte, MT.
Missoula, MT.
Bozeman, MT.

Atlanta, GA.
Macon, GA.
Marietta, GA.

Idaho Falls, ID.
Pocatello, ID.
Swan Valley, ID.

Erie, PA.
Pittsburgh, PA.
Philadelphia, PA.

Atlantic City, NJ.
Camden, NJ.
Trenton, NJ.
Newark, NJ.

Nashville, TN.
Knoxville, TN.
Memphis, TN.
Jackson, TN.
Chattanooga, TN.

Bowling Green, KY.
Lexington, KY.

Portland, ME.
Belfast, ME.
Bar Harbor, ME.
Machias, ME.
Kennebunkport, ME.

Washington, D.C.

Boston, MA.
Provincetown, MA.
Plymouth, MA.

New York, NY.
Rochelle, NY.
Buffalo, NY.
Niagara Falls, NY.

Salt Lake City, UT.
Cedar City, UT.
Provo, UT.
Ogden, UT.
Brigham City, UT.

Las Vegas, NV.

Phoenix, AZ.
Tucson, AZ.

My Favorite Places...

Of all my U.S. travels, there are but three areas that
I love, more than all... They are:

Nashville, Tennessee
Washington State

Oregon State

U.S. National Parks I've Been To: