Quinault Government

The Quinault Indian Nation (QIN) consists of the Quinault and Queets tribes and descendants of five other coastal tribes: Quileute, Hoh, Chehalis, Chinook, and Cowlitz .


Quinault Region

23 miles of Pacific Coastline.
Boundaries encompass over 208,150 acres

Quinault Government

Under Quinault Bylaws, (BYLAWS of the Tribal Council of the Indians of the Quinault Indian Reservation) the Quinault Indian Nation established an "elective" government ruled by the Tribal Council made up of "voting members" of the Nation and Business Committee. The Tribal Council is made up of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and seven councilmen (this was changed to 5 by amendment in 1934).

Quinault Laws & Indian Laws

Zoning Laws
Environmental Laws
Quinault Constitution


March 29th 1980

"I ask you all to work with our elders and elected leaders to resolve the dispute with non-Quinault landholders in a positive way that insures the survival of the Quinault Nation". "We must stop external attempts to disrupt our communities and our government by placing the future of the Quinault Nation above all considerations".
Joe DeLaCruz-Message to the General Council

Point Grenville, WA.


Quinault Nation Contacts

1214 Aalis Drive
P.O. Box 189
Taholah, Wa. 98587
Phone: 360-276-8215
Toll free: 1-888-616-8211
Fax: 360-276-4191



Fawn Sharp
President, Quinault Indian Nation


Quinault Tribal


Chairman: Fawn Sharp Term 2012
Work: 276-8211 x 206 

Vice chair: Andy Mail Term 2012
Work: 360-276-8211x 293

Treasurer: Larry Ralston Term 2012
Work: 360-276-8211 x 348 

Secretary: Latosha Underwood Term 2012
Work: 360-276-8211 x 555 

1st councilmen: Constance Wilson Term 2011
Work: 360-276-8211 x 239 

2nd councilmen: James Sellers Term 2011
Work: 360-962-2240

3rd councilmen: Donald Waugh Jr. Term 2011
Work: 360-276-8211 ext: 659 

4th councilmen: Richard L. Underwood Jr. Term 2011
Work: 360-276-8211x 477 

5th councilmen: James DelaCruz Term 2010
Work: 360-276-8211 x 385

6th councilmen: Phillip E. Martin Sr Term 2010
Work: 360-276-8211 ext:367 

7th councilmen: Sandra Wells-Kalama Term 2010
Work: 360-962-2003

Council Receptionist: Jacquie Poplin
E-Mail : jpoplin@quinault.org
Phone: 360-276-8211 Ext: 305

Legal Counsel: Naomi Stacy
Phone: 360-276 8211 Ext:264
Fax: 276-4191


Other Quinault Contacts

Planning: Jonathan Ciesla, Tribal Planner
Phone: 360-276-8211 Ext:369
Fax: 276-4191

Police Department: Ron Quilt , Chief
Phone:360-276-8211 Ext:358
Fax: 276-4135 

Court: Administrator
Phone: 360-276-8211 Ext:222
Fax: 276-4606 

Economic Development: Coni Wilson Economic Planner
Phone: 360-276-8211 Ext:239

Environmental Programs: Mark Mobbs
Phone:360-276-8211 Ext:292 

Chief Financial Officer: Duane Hopkins

Phone: 360-276-8211 Ext:340 

Natural Resources: Dave Bingaman, Director
Phone: 360-276-8211 Ext:374
Fax: 276-4191 

Resource Protection: Doug Washburn
Phone: 360-276-8211 Ext:366
Fax: 276-4682