October 4th 2010

Organization, that is what I have been working on today. I still have a lot of organization to do. Planing and organization goes a long way, in creating a plan for time management. The weather in Carolina is starting to feel like fall of the year. I do not like summer time, fall and winter is my two most favorite times of the year. When summer rolls around, I think of my days, I'll one day spend in Washington, where the weather is great. I guess I will travel to the Florida Keys, sometime this coming February 2011, for a brief break.

October 14th 2010

Today I have been working on the WebMusic2Go.com website. It is taking a lot of time to put the pieces together. I am hoping to go live by the end or the year, but most likely it will be the first of 2011.
I have a few members who have already requested to be listed on the website, so this will be a start. I hope to turn this website into one of the greatest music resources for artists, musicians and writers, on the world wide web. Time will tell if the website catches on. There are days, like today, I have sat over eight hours at the computer, working on the website. I have started setting up, our concert production company, it will be a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. We are promoting to some of the wealthiest individuals in the world. 
Just the other day I received my first two denials of my plans, from Melinda Gates and Princess Madeleine of Sweden. I guess I will keep asking and keep sending letters, till maybe someone helps in a great concert vision.  You never gain anything, if you do not ask?

July 27th 2011

An artist builds their career around a “great” song… A business, builds their future upon a “great” idea…

I think in life, people forget, that the idea came before their great wealth? God knows, I’ve asked many of the world’s wealthiest to believe in only an idea…

In my pursuit of great things, I have been told by people, “Why is your ideas, better than our own”?

These are the people, who hold little vision…

I have approached church leaders, who speak, “they cannot help all who knock upon their doors”…

These are the people that forget, “What “he” taught each of us”…

Hey, that was a Nashville, Church…

However, that thinking stretches across many states… I recently approached one of the great evangelical families in North Carolina. I asked if they could dream a great dream. They responded, “My ministry was not the same as their ministry, yet, mine is to help others, the least, those “he” called the poor”?

I have had even pastors to say, that my plans are too great, to give to only a few. Yet, I think about all that Christ did, for only one? What if I had told Christ, “Lord, what you do, is too great for only one man”… “To heal a blind man, is too great, for one person”?

The other day, I read a story, of a nine year old girl, all she wanted for her next birthday, was that everyone give their money to a charity, to help people who in other places, had little or no clean water, instead of giving her gifts. Wow, how unselfish is that…. At nine years old, her heart knew right from wrong…  In the days to come, she died in a car accident, not realizing her dream, that she could help people gain clean water. Her goal was to raise $300.00 to be given to help in this effort. After her death, we adults throughout the country, decide to raise over $350,000.00 for this cause…  I have but only one question, “why does it take a death, for us to realize what we should already be doing”?  Granted, if she had not lost her life, this amount of money, never would have been raised for this cause…  I wonder, what Christ himself must think?  As he looks at us humans, I wonder if he thinks, why must humans see tragedy, before great things are done, for his people and our own fellow brother and sisters in Christ?

I see that we live in one of the greatest countries in the world, yet, it only takes looking around a street corner, to see those who have nothing.  Look around that same street corner or only a couple blocks, you’ll see a millionaire or billionaire. How is this possible? Some are given opportunities, while others are never granted opportunity.

I see millionaires and billionaires, who give to schools that do not teach our children, right from wrong.

Schools that do not teach self-sufficiency, or responsibility of one’s own actions, rather, I see a society that believes just send out a check, so we do not have to deal with it.

I see a government that has no credit limits? I guess our forefathers missed that one in the constitution?

Yet, we, the working person and business owners, we have credit limits. How is this so? Only in America? Not so, it’s world-wide….  A government, that the rich support, a government that has lost sight of what it was intended to do… It is easy to fix, if only they did the few things, they were intended to do… It’s that saying in life, “Stick to what you do best”… Rather, or government and its leaders have let greed enter into their hearts…  Why else, would you wish to do everything?

Christ says we are only to make righteous judgments. I try not to judge others, rather, just speak as I see it. Christ has outlined, there is a difference in bringing judgment upon someone and simply speaking the truth…  So what is the purpose of this letter?  No purpose… Just rambling about life and what I see…

I see a society, where the rich lend or give to the rich and where few of the rich, give opportunity to the new guy.  That saying, “wealth follows wealth”…

So, I ask this question? What is the purpose of the church and its leaders? Is it to simply spread Christ’s words, or to do more? I believe, the church may very well be our country’s only hope, to a greater future? What say you Church?

If a person asks a church leader, to help build a great ministry, one that brings great glory to Christ and one that helps his people, what should those church leaders do? Do they speak; we have no more time to give? We cannot help all who knock upon our doors? Do they say, your ministry, is not of our own?

Or, do they ask, how can we help?  What say you, Christ?

Christ not only spread his mission of salvation, but that we were to help, one another…  If we fail, to do both, our society will suffer, as it already is doing…

Though we live in a country, that is free, in that everyone has a right to their own opinions, there are too many opinions…  In the eyes of Christ, there are but (two) types of opinions, (a right opinion and a wrong opinion) they are also called choices….  People have forgotten, in all you decide, your choices in life; it is either right or wrong. Humans love to justify their own opinions, but we will all one day, find the truth in our opinions.

I have to close by saying, I speak negative in this post, but I do speak the truth… I must say, in life, I have encountered a few people, those who hold a true heart, and those who have inspired me and those who have given me their time. To them I am grateful…


My Personal Journal

Here you will be able to read my thoughts about life, myself and others.
I'll try to type here as often as I can, but as busy as I am, it will most likely not be on a daily basis, but check often.

September 14th 2010

Well, it has been a long day and I am still tired from my East Coast vacation. Today I uploaded some photos from my trip. Of all places I enjoyed the most, Washington DC and Atlantic City, NJ.

Washington DC had a lot of history, I like lots of history stuff. Most likely will return to Washington DC in the very near future.  Today, I worked a great deal on my "Guitars for Humanity" initiative. More phone calls go out tomorrow and more letters to draft.  Got to begin on the business plan, just more on my agenda.

September 28, 2010

Well, every day, I work a little more on my websites, they come along slowly, but surely.  The WebMusic2Go.com website was to be up and going this month, but not sure I am going to hit the mark. It will be interesting, to see how many artists, writers and musicians that I can get involved in the website. How do you make it the largest music site on the web? Whether that can be done or not, means I will have to attempt different ideas. I am sure I will have to tweak my ideas. I have a lot on my plate these days, guess you just work, one day at a time.

November 10th 2010

Well, It finally fills like fall in the Carolinas. I guess it was around 70 degrees today. I worked on both websites today, with much more to go. Grilled out today, since the weather was so nice. I am finding myself, getting back into the routine of staying up real late into the mornings, working on my music ventures. You never know what life will throw at you, who knows if I will ever achieve the ventures that God has placed upon my heart? To me, I have that thought, if it happens it does, if not, well, I am having fun, that is all that matters in the end.
At least, working on my music website, I am picking up more and more music knowledge. I am coming across a lot of talented artists also. Like I said, it is fun...  It is around 1:00a.m. in the morning, I think I have worked enough for a day.

December 5th, 2010

Well, the holiday season has finally caught up with us, once again. The past couple months, I have been working a lot of hours. I am even starting to feel tired, but will go on. It is the time to reflect back, on all the things we have and to give thanks for all those things we hold dear. Family & friends are on the top of my list, and God has been so good this year, he continues to be good. I see a couple trips in my plans for the New Year. One will be to return to Nashville, Tennessee, to see friends for a few days.

I had a good 41st birthday, ate too much and made my own cake. I am ready for the close of this year and looking to the beginning of the New Year.