Sir Elton John,

I recently came across a letter that was published by the Washington Post. It was a letter that you wrote to Ryan White. In that letter, you speak of your commitment and pledge, to Ryan, that you would continue to reach out, to achieve the compassion that he so bravely fought for. You recently spoke at an engagement, about how “Americans” need more compassion.

I am an American and I am working on a music venture and need your help. I am asking a lot of wealthy Americans to help in this venture, but I have yet to see a hand extend my way. I am asking U.S. church leaders to help me and they tell me, “They cannot help everyone that knocks upon their door.” My music venture, is simply to initiate a 10-15 month capital campaign, in the City of Atlanta and ending with a major live music concert event, raising enough funds, in so that I can provide a poor family, an opportunity to overcome the barriers of poverty. In order to achieve such a deed, I need individuals to help me to raise the funds to make it a reality. I have placed five autographed guitars of various artists on my personal website and need individuals to sponsor at least three, in order to be able to fund such a capital campaign in Atlanta.   I recently came across the following passage:

~ Each of us in our own way can try to spread compassion into people's hearts. Western civilizations these days place great importance on filling the human 'brain' with knowledge, but no one seems to care about filling the human 'heart' with compassion.  ~

It is easy to speak of compassion, but seldom do people exhibit compassion. The above passage makes a great point, most people in their everyday lives; strive for knowledge and wealth, not taking the time to teach their hearts compassion. Compassion can only be learned, if it is placed before people. I think if Ryan were alive today, he would agree that we need to place compassion before people. In your letter to him, you made a pledge; that you would continue to reach out, to achieve the compassion that he so bravely fought for. Compassion is about one human, caring for another, regardless of any and all circumstances.

I have people around me that tell me, that the wealthy people I ask to help me, will never help me, because I am not of wealthy means. Most people would probably tell me, that this letter is a waste of time, that even Elton John would not help me spread compassion? I hope that your response to me is not of those of the church leaders.  I know you are a busy person, but so was Christ, in all he did. True Compassion is what Christ possessed, he helped “all” that asked him and he has taught us that we are to be like him.

If you are a person, who holds great compassion in your own heart, will you help me spread that same compassion, so others may learn? Will you help me, in keeping your written pledge to Ryan?

I invite you to learn of me and my efforts, by visiting my personal website:

So that you know of my sincerity in what I do, I will place this letter on my personal website. So that it can be shared with all those I have asked and so they know, I have asked another human being, one who has made a pledge to achieve compassion within the world.

The postcards I am enclosing with this letter, is those that I am sending out to ten U.S. News Media Companies, to all major U.S. Record Labels and to all those I have already asked. Perhaps you will show Americans, that you care enough, to help a stranger, in a venture, to help a family that you do not know. That is true compassion…  Perhaps that is the same compassion that Ryan White sought and hoped that all humanity would exhibit?


Kind regards,

Shon Ashby