Our goals will be clear and precise. Our mission is to educate and inform land owners, of the government policies that effect their stability and well being. Our mission is also to inform and educate the communities which are within the Quinault Nation, of the government policies that effect their community growth and infrastructure. We will post current news of economic trends within the region and any other related news that the people within the Quinault Nation, members and non-members should be aware of.

We will analyze what effects economic trends have on our communities, good or bad. We will look at economic trends outside of the Quinault Nation and compare the differences and what comprises those differences. We will seek legislation change, change that is in the best interest of all our communities, especially for the growth and prosperity of our children.  We will seek this change, while keeping in mind, the impact of change on our coastal and forest environments. If we empower people with knowledge, they can achieve all things…


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“There are ways you can help people, ways which will encourage them to help themselves, there are ways you can do it that don’t discourage self-sufficiency.  If you give people the ability to provide for themselves, not only will it enable them to carry on the rest of their lives, it will give them the satisfaction of self-sufficiency”.  Jim Ayers/Tennessee


We believe that all people are created equal. We believe that people control their own destiny and that if governments lead and manage their people and communities, those governments must accept responsibility for their actions and policies that affect their people and communities, whether good or bad. It is the right, of all people, to live upon their lands and prosper. It is the responsibility of land owners, members and non-members, to preserve the cleanliness and beauty of their own lands. 

If members and non-members of a community do not preserve the cleanliness and beauty of their own properties, then it is the responsibility of governments to preserve and enforce the cleanliness and beauty of a community. 

Governments have a responsibility to insure economic change that will “benefit” a community and its people. “Benefiting” the people, does not mean that governments place more money in their own pockets, rather, “benefiting” means placing economic well being into the hands of the people.

My Personal Mission

It is my belief, that each and every person should comprise their own personal mission, great or small.

I think that in many cases, it takes individuals a while to realize what their mission should be. Even with a lot of thought, I am not sure that I have figured mine out.

The best I can figure, with what life has taught me, this is mine:


“To honor God and family, to live a simple life and to take joy in those simple things, in that those simple things make me happy, content and complete”.  “Along the many paths that I travel in my life, help as many other people as I can”.