Lake Quinault

Lake Quinault is a lake on the Olympic Peninsula in western Washington State, USA. It is located in the glacial-carved Quinault Valley of the Quinault River, at the southern edge of Olympic National Park in the northwestern United States. One of the most dominate features of Lake Quinault is being located within the Quinault Rain Forest, a temperate rain forest.

Lake Quinault is owned by the Quinault Indian Nation. The area is accessible from U.S. Route 101.

Area activities include fishing (with permit from the Quinault’s), scenic drives (a loop around the lake is longer than 30 miles (48 km)), and hiking. The southern side of the lake features a system of short hiking trails maintained by the National Forest Service that are accessible to casual day hikers.

The southern side of the lake is home to the historic Lake Quinault Lodge and the Rain Forest Resort Village and is encompassed by the Olympic National Forest. The north side of the lake is bordered mainly by private homes and some small resorts located in Olympic National Park.