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$100,000,000.00 Donation from Mark Zuckerberg


CHICAGO – Proclaiming that he believes in the education visions of New Jersey's Republican governor and Newark's Democratic mayor, Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg on Friday pledged to set up a foundation to donate $100 million to Newark's schools over the next five years.

Newark schools have been plagued for years by low test scores, poor graduation rates and crumbling buildings. The system was taken over by the state in 1995 after instances of waste and mismanagement, including the spending of taxpayer money by school board members on cars and restaurant meals.

Last year, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced $290 million in education grants, including $100 million for the school system in Tampa, Fla., and $90 million for the Memphis, Tenn., district. The Gates Foundation also has given more than $150 million to New York City schools over the past eight years.

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Thoughts on Mark Zuckerberg's Donation

It is a great donation and a win for children in New Jersey. I see a great need and I am sure, this money will help "provide" education, to those who have little opportunity. I do wonder though, does not poverty and a child's every day environment, pose a great threat to their learning ability? Poverty is a distraction to that ability to learn.  How much will a child learn, if they struggle with poverty and a living environment that is not suitable to learning?  I truly hope that some of that money, goes towards the living conditions of children and their adult parents in New Jersey, who may face a barrier in learning, due to conditions of poverty.