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About the Guitars

Each of the guitars below, were autographed, by the artist that is listed above each guitar shown.

The artists, through their compassion to help others, have autographed these guitars to be either sold or auctioned and the benefits to be given to a needy family that include children.

Each of these guitars, are stunning in their own right, but even more so with the artist's own autograph.

Each of the guitars will come with a certificate of authenticity.

These guitars are new, so there is no wear to any of the listed guitars.

Once you have purchased one of these guitars, we will provide a wooden cedar glass cabinet, which can be used to store the guitar.

You can find a listing of information about these guitars, by following the highlighted links found above each guitar.

About the Artists

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Dolly Parton Guitar


Kenny Chesney Guitar


Amy Grant Guitar


Faith Hill Guitar


George Strait Guitar


About the Project

Mr. Millard Fuller once told me, “A baby is not born one day, simply to race a marathon the next”. In his vision of “eliminating poverty housing from the world”, Mr. Fuller knew that to reach this goal, it meant building one house at a time.

Our “Guitars for Humanity” project will follow that same direction, as Mr. Fuller sought, changing one life at a time.

Our “Guitars for Humanity” project will try to focus on creating a better living environment for families that are struggling to overcome poverty. When a family has to struggle with poverty, a family will face many hurdles in order to live a self sustaining and self sufficient life.

Poverty takes away a child’s ability to learn. I see a lot of humanitarian projects that address education; many of those projects fail to address the poverty situation within the family. Our “Guitars for Humanity” project will address the poverty issue, so that it creates a better learning environment for the child.  Our “Guitars for Humanity” project will provide education scholarships to the children which are involved in the project.

We understand that throwing money to poverty is not a sole solution and that it takes educating the adults within the family, how they should manage their finances or gifts they receive through this project. That is why our project will establish educational programs, which each adult will have to go through, if they are being accepted into our ‘Guitars for Humanity” project.  Adults must learn how to manage not only the gifts that this project provides, but they also must learn job skills and sustain a job. Our “Guitar for Humanity” project will address these issues.

To learn more on the details of our project, we invite you to read over our FAQ’s page. This page should give you a thorough outlook into our project plans.

About "Guitars for Humanity"

Letter from Shon Ashby/President

"Guitars for Humanity" FAQ's

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Dolly Parton Website


Kenny Chesney Website


Amy Grant Website


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George Strait Website