Who Will Help Us Fund Compassion?


Shon Ashby/President


The Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA.  (or other U.S. city)


Phillips Arena, Atlanta, GA.

Who will benefit from this project?

There will be many individuals who will be involved in this project, each individual or foundation involved, will be receiving a portion of the funds which our Guitar for Humanities project collects. At the end of our project, each of the individuals below will receive the indicated amounts, if those amounts are known. We are listing some areas of the project, which will be compensated, however, the amounts are only preliminary and no set amounts have been decided. Where we know the amounts to be distributed, we have listed them.  They are as followed:

Artist Charities:   $30,000.00 

(Each artist guitar that is sold will provide each of those artists, $10,000.00. This donation will go towards their charity causes or a charity of the artist’s choice).  We are estimating selling at least three guitars during our project campaign).

Silver Star Enterprises:  $80,000.00

(A separate bank account will be established, to hold my production profits, to go to individuals who are less fortunate, and to provide for expenses associated with future campaigns, so that means that all $80,000.00 of the above amount will be given to those in need and towards future campaign expenses)  This donation amount will cover my future campaign expenses, regarding travel, to meet with prospective individuals who may become involved in our future project plans, expenses related to the fund raising production, calls, postage and future plans in organizing other events for the Guitars for Humanity project).
None of this money would go to me personally or towards any of my personal costs of living.

Humanitarian Guitar Buyers:  $477,000.00

(For each individual, who buys, sponsors or invests into one guitar in our project, in the amount of $159,000.00, we will present that individual a single donation of $43,000.00. This is a 26.5% return on your donation or investment, per guitar. If an individual or investor chooses to invest the total $477,000.00 into this project, we will provide their investment back in full, with a 26.5% return, which would be equal to $130,000.00.  In other words, we will provide a rate of return of 26.5% on each donated dollar or investment dollar into this project. You may re-invest those dollars, back into their own humanitarian projects or investments.  You have nothing to lose in this project, because your initial investment comes back to you, at the end of the project date, along with a 26.5% interest rate-return. (End of project date means, at the commencement of our fund raising concert).  

Foundations: $43,000.00
(Per Guitar)

(If we undertake the project, with the help of an existing foundation, who will help administer our Guitars for Humanity project and who has the financial means to nurture such a project, our Guitars for Humanity project will award 26.5% return on each sponsorship or investment dollar made into our project. This figure may change slightly, depending upon the total revenues generated).

Production Expenses:
Provided Upon Request

(By far, this will constitute the greatest expenditure in our campaign efforts. These production figures can be provided to the parties that are interested.  Figures can be released, to show that the expenditures, versus the overall profits of the campaign. Production details are only made available to project partners and Humanitarians who buy the guitars).

Helping the Family:  $100,000.00 to $200,000.00

This is what the Guitars for Humanity project is all about, The Family….  This donation amount will be placed in a separate fund, administered by myself, along with a foundation, which will help oversee and administer these funds, within relation to our campaign goals. The family will be provided a decent place to live, which means a decent home. The children involved, will receive school scholarships in their names. The family will be provided a dependable means of transportation. That means a dependable vehicle.  The family will be educated, through our program, to become self-sufficient individuals, so they can lead a prosperous life.  The project, may wish to look into corporate sponsorship, into providing assistance, to some of our intended goals for this family. This donation will also provide the family, with a small amount of funds for basic living and savings.

Do We Have a Business Plan and Executive Summary?

Yes, We have a business plan and executive summary that will list details of our company and its project management team. This is available upon request.

What about our Marketing Plans?

Marketing is perhaps the most important area of any project. Marketing will either make for a successful project, or a failure.

This project is unique and I look forward in sharing our marketing team and marketing strategies with you. Because of competition, we will not list our marketing plans on this website. These plans will only be discussed in personal meetings, with interested investors or interested parties that can fund such a project.

What Music Venue do you wish to reserve for Guitars for Humanity?

The Georgia Dome, In Atlanta, Georgia; would be an ideal location. Our business plan covers why we have chosen this location and this particular venue.  (As of 09/28/10 we will be looking and making other considerations for venues, but still have an eye on the Georgia Dome or Atlanta, Georgia as a location). We are now opening our capital campaign, to the city in which we find funding. If you are a Billionaire, Millionaire or investor, we will launch this campaign, directly from your home state, to help the families of your own state.

Will this Project Work?

To answer this question, I came across an article, you can read for yourself. Bringing humanitarianism into an arena full of music, is not a new concept. Though each concept may be different, in what happens under that arena roof. This was an interesting article I found:

Concert Humanities at Work:

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for Humanity" Initiative...

Guitars for Humanity FAQ's

In this section, we will try to answer any and all questions that you may have about our initiative, "Guitars for Humanity". If there is something we have not explained or you have questions, feel free to drop us a line at: GuitarsforHumanity@quinaults.com

What is the Name of our Business Entity?

All "investments" will be run through our New York Headquarters, Silver Star Enterprises. Silver Star Enterprises, is a for profit company.

All concert projects, are being managed by our concert production company.

Concerts for Humanity Company, New York, NY.

Concerts for Humanity, will be a 501 (c) (3) non-profit company.

I mention our for-profit company and the non-profit organization we are establishing, because depending upon who may help us, some individuals may only be able to deal with a non-profit, while others will only deal with a for-profit company.  Establishing the non-profit organization will also allow us to prepare grant request applications.

What is the percentage rate of return on my investment?

The rate of return we will pay on investment capital or donation capital, is 26.5% per investment dollar. This would be a total of $130,000.00 on a total investment of $477,000.00 into our project.
As of September 20th 2010, I have changed all figures of return to indicate a set percentage rate, of 26.5% per every investment dollar, this makes it easier for all parties involved, to see what return they would have on an investment into this project.

Who are we asking to help us?

I am seeking “THREE” of the world’s greatest humanitarians to aid me in this project.  I am looking for those individual humanitarians, whom God has financially blessed, who are willing to use those resources to help truly change the lives of people. These humanitarians must possess a “true” heart.

These three humanitarians must be able to easily purchase the guitars listed, at the set listed amounts as indicated.

We are also asking foundations to partner with us and I am actively seeking private investors.

Are we looking for a Fiscal Sponsor for the project?

Yes, we are open to the idea of a Fiscal Sponsor to this project. If your organization currently administers projects that are focused on poverty or education, we would be interested in speaking with you, to discuss how this project can benefit your organization.

Will you work with a financial broker, in seeking capital to fund this project?

Yes, and we are currently approaching brokers to help secure our financing for this project. I would encourage each broker, who is willing to receive a finders fee, after funds have been secured, to contact our office to discuss our project details.

Do you have a Management Team for this project?

Yes, we will provide a paid management team, which will consist of a marketing manager, sound and lighting manager and also a production coordinator. These individuals have already been predetermined and will be a hired management team for this project. These are all individuals whom have achieved great success in their perspective fields.

What is the project's objectives?

Our project objective will be to eliminate poverty from the lives of individuals who are directly affected by poverty. Our objective is also to implement a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle, by providing families the tools necessary to do so.  These tools include monetary gifts, a suitable place to live, dependable transportation, educational scholarships for the children involved and any education programs
that the adults within the family needs, in order to become self-sufficient and lead a productive life.

How will the project be funded?

The project will be funded, by the purchase of three of the listed autographed guitars or by investment capital which is raised for this project. This will allow the project to be initially funded with an amount of: $477,000.00

How much money will the project raise?

Once the project has sold “three” of the listed guitars and calculation of sold fund raising tickets is included,including  sponsorships, the project will raise capital in the range of:  1.4 to 1.5 Million dollars.

What type of fund raising event will be initiated by this project?

Once we have sold two or three of the Autographed guitars, we will use the $477,000.00, which is generated by the guitar sales, to fund a major Contemporary Christian Music Concert and we may look at other genre artists to help in our venture. The capital which the fund raising concert tickets produce, sponsor donations, along with the initial $477,000.00 from the guitar sales or investment capital, is how we have determined the total revenues of the project at: 1.4 to 1.5 Million dollars.

Will this project be ongoing?

Yes, this project will be ongoing. As long as there are humanitarians who believe in helping in this cause and helping others. I would like to see this project meet its goal in helping a needy family and then continue to another family. This only happens, through the goodness and kind hearts of great humanitarians, who will devote their time and resources.

How will the money be distributed?

Our production company, Concerts for Humanity, New York, NY. will be helping initiate funds, with the help of investing foundation or investors. Project funds will be distributed from an account established for the project, in a manner that all parties agree and feel secure about their investment into this project.
Project funds will be distributed towards the production expenses and administrative expenses that the project incurs.

How will the project funds be administered?

The project funds will be administered, by the sole discretion of Shon Ashby/President of Silver Star Enterprises and only in coordination with the consent of the investing parties that have made a purchase of the autographed guitars. Funds will be administered in the manner in which these named parties originally discuss and agree.

Why Invest into this Project?

There are many reasons to invest in the guitars for Humanity project. First and foremost, because it is what God himself, would ask each of us to do.

Second, it is a project where each individual party involved, wins…  There is but a very little chance that your investment dollars would not be returned. The only way that would happen, is if the fund raising event, sold little to no tickets and that is most likely a doubtful situation. With God’s people being strong and many, I estimate an attendance of 25,000 or greater at such an event. You know, as well as I, when that many individuals are amassed in one place, great things can occur, not counting the funds that can be driven into such an event, ticket sales alone are massive.

“When we allow the many, to amass on such a great scale, to do God’s work, great things happen”…

Even during times of a recession, individuals are still filling arenas and coliseums across our nation and throughout the world, that is a fact that cannot be ignored.

This project will succeed, when the others fail to hit their mark or goal. Our Guitars for Humanity project, is not a project that asks for investment dollars and simply gives you nothing in return, rather, we give back to you, because you do invest in this campaign. How many humanitarian campaigns have you invested in or sponsorship opportunities have you invested in, that gives back to you? For each and every dollar you invest, it all comes back to you, yet still the campaign reaches its goals in helping a family? In fact, by investing into our campaign, you will get more back, remember the great autographed guitar. For any foundation or investor willing to help me, not only do you get the guitar, you get your $159,000.00 purchase or sponsorship price back per guitar, but you receive a 26.5% of return, on each investment or sponsorship dollar.

This is a project that cannot be ignored and may even be able to benefit you in so many other ways than we have listed above.

Can one Humanitarian or Individual buy all five guitars?    Whats the benefit to this?

Yes, one individual, investor or one foundation may choose to buy all five guitars or invest the total $477,000.00 which is needed to fund our Guitars for Humanity campaign. If an individual, investor or foundation chooses to do this, our campaign would be willing to share a return, of 26.5% for the total investment of $500,000.00. 
The 26.5% interest will be paid towards a total limit of $500,000.00 investment only. We are only seeking a total beginning investment of $500,000.00 into this venture.
The sponsorship cost of all five guitars is $500,000.00