Who Will Help Us Fund Compassion?

"Guitars for Humanity" Capital Campaign



How mush investment capital do we need to fund this venture?

We are seeking $477,000.00 to $500,000.00

Rate of Return:

Your rate of return, is 26%.  We might look at a slightly higher return, based on the success of the venture, however, this will need to be discussed. You should keep in mind, this is a project that is geared to give something back, to a needy family.  So, if you are wanting a far greater return than 26%, this investment may not be for you.

Type of Investment: 

This is a Non-Stock Investment Opportunity.

We are not looking to sell securities for this venture.  An investment agreement will be negotiated, between myself and potential investors.
This investment agreement can be drafted by your own attorney or by my attorney. 
This investment agreement, would outline any and all transactions that are to preformed between myself and perspective investors. This investment agreement would outline all project areas, so each party knows what is to be expected throughout this venture, attached will be a copy of the business plan to this venture.

Why are we not offering investment securities?

Whether it is a stock company or a non-stock investment, if the company fails, we all know, in either situation, unless there is company assets, it is doubtful you would recover your investment. I suggest you read this link:  www.investopedia.com
A non-stock investment, such as ours, can be just as profitable, if not more profitable, than any stock you could purchase.

What type of investors are we looking for?

We are looking for private investors, who would like to invest financially into this venture, who would also like to take on an active role in building this venture, by use of their existing management experience.  We are looking for legitimate investors, those who have the financial means to make a $500,000.00 into this investment.  We may ask that you show your ability to invest this amount.

What we are NOT looking for:

We are not looking for brokers, who ask for up-front fees. Though, we may entertain the idea, if those fees are encompassed at the end of an investment deal, if agreed to, by the future investors, that broker fees are taken from capital raised. We are not looking for companies that charge for consulting fees. We are not looking for conventional loans, remember, the investment and rate of return, is paid at the end of this, 10-15 month venture.

Minimizing Investor Risks:

Investors may initiate any and all funding requirements of our project. This allows all $500,000.00 to remain secure, within the hands of the investor, if they choose.  This builds trust, amongst myself and with the investor. This way, you know where your money is going.


How long after we begin spending investment capital, will the returns begin to re-flow back to the investors? There will be a few areas, where we will need to begin spending capital, in order for the return to begin. I want to briefly give you an idea, to the stages, of how we will need to initiate the beginning expenditures of this venture. 

1st: The first month or two, we will hire a prominent marketing firm, located within Nashville, Tennessee, to help place our marketing initiative on paper, fine tune the existing details and place on paper, the actual production plans, of the actual "type" of concert we wish to assemble, the "feel" of the event.   This will be the final marketing plan that we develop, which will show  how we will market the capital campaign to the U.S. city of choice and the concert we will pitch to that community.  An initial $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 retainer will need to be paid, in order to hire our marketing team. At this stage, initial press releases will need to go out, to all media, of our intent, within the U.S. city of choice, this would be a minimal expense.

2nd: Once the marketing of the venture is complete and the project is named within that marketing plan, we will begin approaching possible venues to hold our live music event. There is only three such venues in Atlanta, that hold the ability to accommodate 28,000 attendees. Once we have details of the three venues, we will also approach the Major U.S. Recording Artists, whom we wish to help in this venture. We will need to get schedules from artists and their pay requirements.  Once we have all this information, it will be back to the marketing team, where a decision of venue will be made, along with a decision on artists for the event. Once a venue and artists are decided upon, then we would need to negotiate all legal documents of agreement amongst these entities and project details. Minimal attorney costs needed for negotiations.
Once done, deposits to reserve the venue and artists will need to be paid from the investment capital. Artists and Venues will require half of the negotiated amounts to be paid up front, along with liability insurance in place, for the venue. Depending on the artists and venue costs, an investment in the amount of: $200,000.00, would have to be paid to these entities.
Amount will vary, depending on deposits required and depending upon the negotiated cost of each entity, should be a close figure.

3rd:  We are now ready to go back to our marketing team and we will begin launching the marketing of our campaign, we will have 10-13 months to saturate the Atlanta market. We will have already used 2-months of our project time to work with our marketing team in drafting our plans on paper, fine detailing our marketing efforts.
I have placed an initial marketing expense of $70,000, towards the saturation of our plans, by radio, television and print media.
Shortly after this point within our venture, we should begin seeing initial capital to return back, through concert ticket sales and our beginning stages of corporate sponsorships and will begin other profit generating areas.


The above details, were to give you, the potential investor, an idea of my approach and how your risks would be kept to a minimum. If you look at the above, I have proposed that an initial $290,000.00 be spent, before we begin to see a return on investment. It is very possible, in our plans, that we may not even have to risk all $500,000.00 of the initial investment capital, before a return begins. A separate bank account will be set up, to receive all monies that are generated by this venture and will be administered by a third party (Attorney Firm) so that the interests of the investor is protected and the interest of the venture is protected. This party will insure that the investors return and interest is paid to them and the attorney firm will initiate other expenses that are needed, from this account, as are needed to fund the remainder of the venture.  If you are still interested, I can forward my executive summary and business plan.
For future details of my plans, click on this link:

 Further Information

Atlanta Plans... 
In the project outline, I am referring the capital campaign in the City of Atlanta, but the city of choice will be decided mutually, between those who invest into our capital campaign.

Can you imagine, a music event, that would bring an entire city's people together, so that one family in Atlanta, (or other major U.S. city) will have the barrier of poverty removed from their life...

We will continue to ask, all over the world, till we have found those, who can believe in such a great vision...

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Project Stages

As an investor, you want to know that your investment is protected and you are investing into a project that is guaranteed to give you a return.
Below, I am going to briefly explain what type of investment you would be making and how we intend to minimize any risks to your investment.
Scroll down and review our 'Project Stages"...

Can Compassion Raise Capital, for the Good of Others?  How much can Compassion Raise?  

If you are an investor, and you are concerned about your investment into a live music concert event, I encourage you to do a search on how compassion, moves people to give. I have listed a few links below:

Alicia Keys’ charity event raises $2.4 mn

1/4 Tickets Sold in Two Weeks

Radio Pulls in Record Pledge

Charity events raise nearly $ 1 million


The World's Most Expensive Home: $1-Billion

I have placed this photo to make a point. Which came first, the house, or the great IDEA? The world Billionaires have gained their wealth by making investments into, "Great Ideas"...
Investors such as Bill Gates, would not posses such great wealth, without the great idea of Microsoft. Microsoft was once, only an idea.

So, when examining my vision and ideas of a great live music event in Atlanta, Georgia, (or another major U.S. city) one would have to look at its greatness, in other words, can it stir the hearts of men, to participate? As Microsoft has caused man to participate in buying their products...

The "IDEA" always comes first...  The question that you as an investor should ask yourself, do you believe or think, that the people of Atlanta, Georgia (or another major U.S. city) hold great compassion, to do a great deed? I just bet they do...

If asked, "I just bet, Mukesh Ambani would agree"...

This is about helping others...

You the investor will receive your initial investment back along with your agreed upon rate of return.

As for myself, I receive a small production fee, less than what you the investor will make. Everyone in life, has expenses. The remainder of the funds raised in this venture, will not be kept to build a business, rather, donated to help families that struggle with poverty.

Lets assume there is a surplus of a 1-million remaining, after all expenses and rates of returned are paid. This is all to be donated, in a fund, to be used only to help Atlanta families...

This is not about building a business, rather, it is about...


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