"Building More Than A Band"...

The most challenging step, to any new music project is finding the people who hold the sincerity and ambition to succeed. It can most defiantly be a challenge, in finding those people who are willing to work at building something GREAT…

How many bands exist in the City of Charlotte? What sets each apart, from the other?

That is the greatest question that any musician can ask themselves. Whether you are an Artist, Musician or Songwriter, look into the mirror of life and ask the question: “What sets me apart?”…

Life is about building Challenges and placing those Challenges before us… It can often be those Challenges that set each of us apart…

This is a opportunity, for those who are willing to work and spend their time in building something great, that will eventually benefit them and provide a avenue, into music. I am not seeking people, who want to jump into something established. This is not an established project, rather, it is one you have to help build, so that means you will have some time and work invested. Below are some of the details of this project:

The Type of Music that will be associated with this project:

Contemporary Christian Music...  You would need to be willing to learn a twelve-fourteen song format, which would be given.

What City will be our home base:

Charlotte, North Carolina...

One must first build momentum and support of a community, one  can not do this, moving, city to city, though many bands may believe other wise. I am looking to build a strong band following in Charlotte, NC.

Why should I consider, being a part of this Music Group:

1. Band will be promoted by my company and if needed, an outside booking agency would be brought in.

2. Band will work on promotional CD's, which my company would help finance.

3. My company, will provide and maintain any band website and website store.

4. Choreographer may be provided, for the vocalists.

5. My company will aggressively seek band sponsorships, as they are needed.

6. My company will help in band publicity photos and merchandising.

7. My company will provide or find, rehearsal space, when needed.


Band Members we are seeking:

We are currently looking for Drums, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Rhythm Guitar and Keys...
Also: Seeking 2-3 vocalists to front the band.

Are You an existing Band, looking to do something different:

Perhaps this is a project, in which an existing band would take on? If you might be interested in doing such, please email me.

How can I learn more and how do I submit my music, to be considered for a band position:  Submit your bio, photo and music to the following email address: